Safety Recommendations for Your Baby’s Sleeping Schedule

Safety Recommendations for Your Baby’s Sleeping Schedule

The infant mortality rate in the US has undergone much scrutiny over recent years. Sources indicate that sleep-related deaths among infants are more prevalent than people may believe.

Recent studies suggest that newborn babies are 2.5 times more likely to die in the United States than in countries like Norway, Finland, and Iceland. A large portion of these deaths occurs during sleeping. This stresses the importance of a baby’s safety when following a particular sleeping schedule or routine.

Parents can learn more about creating a safe sleeping environment for their baby’s sleeping schedule by following these recommendations.

Firm Sleeping Surface

Babies should sleep on a firm surface that does not indent when the baby is lying on it. Avoid lounging pads or nursing pillows, as babies can roll over onto their stomachs or sides and turn their heads into the soft fabric. A crib normally comes with a firm mattress and provides a safe environment for a baby’s sleeping needs.

Sleeping Positions

It is important to let the baby sleep on its back. Sleeping on the back or supine position reduces the risk of suffocation or strangulation. A baby crib is also designed to ensure that the baby remains in a safe sleeping position.

Sleeping Routines

Make sure to establish a healthy sleeping routine for the baby. There are certain measures parents can take to induce a sleeping schedule. This may involve playing classical music or dimming the lights in the room. Reading a bedtime story also has a way of relaxing a baby before bedtime.

These recommendations will teach a child early on about following a healthy sleeping routine. Parents will be better prepared for their toddler’s recommended 22 month old sleep schedule if they are familiar with a safe and healthy sleeping routine.

Visit a pediatrician before following guidelines on this site about creating a safe sleeping environment for your child.

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